Download our EDD Guidance Document for information on creating and testing files, and common problems.

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What should I do when a parameter has no CAS number?
Take these steps in the order indicated:
  1. Check Attachment 2 of the EDD Guidance Document.
  2. If there is no listing in Attachment 2 of the Guidance, check the EPA Region V Valid Values list.
  3. If EPA does not provide a code, contact CEC and with a description of the parameter and you will be provided with a code to use.
How to I handle non-detect analyses on projects with special reporting limits?
The Results field should contain whatever value you would normally report on a hard copy report.
What about units that aren't in Attachment 1?
Units not included in the list may be used in the EDD. We just ask that you use the abbreviations shown for units that are already in the list.
Should we include QA samples in the EDD file?
Inclusion of laboratory surrogates, spikes, and duplicates is optional, unless your CEC project manager has specifically requested this information. If these samples are included, they must be assigned unique sample IDs. Do not use the same ID as the associated field sample (though you can use the field ID with some characters appended).